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  • Plant No. A26

    Brachyphyllum, order: plants (Plantea), family: araucarians (Coniferodopsida), genus: Brachyphyllum species: Brachyphyllum sp., locality: Mühlheim, district of Eichstätt, Germany, upper jurassic, malm zeta 3 – 4, age approx.  144 million years. Length  of the plant:  approx. 12 cm,  thickness of slab approx.  2.3 cm weight  approx.  1350 g. Slab apprxox. 20,5 x 12,3 40 €

    Plant No. A26
  • Plant No. B70

    Beautiful jurassic plant! Location: Solnhofen, stratigraphic classification: upper Jurassic. lower Thiton, malm zeta , slab approx. max. 35.5 x 43 cm, weight approx. 14.1 kg., age approx. 150 million years, slab thickness 4 cm, plant 30 cm. Rare! 535 €

    Plant No. B70
  • Petrified wood No B73, B74, B75

    Location: Bighorns, Wyoming, USA, age approx.  150,000,000 years.  Diameter each approx.  9 cm, weight (from left to right) approx. 205 gr. (No. B73), 270 gr. (No. FG053) and 225 gr. (No. FG054). Price per piece. 30 €

    Petrified wood No B73, B74, B75
  • Brachyphyllum No. B047

    (mehr …) 169 €

    Brachyphyllum No. B047
  • Brachyphyllum No. B027

    Brachyphyllum, order:  plants (Plantea), family: araucarians (Coniferodopsida), genus:  Brachyphyllum, species: Brachyphyllum sp., location: Mühlheim, Mörnsheim,  district of Eichstätt, stratigrapic classification: upper Jurassic. lower Thiton, malm zeta 3, age approx. 144 million years, length of the fossil: approx. 19 cm, panel dimensions approx. 15.5 x 27 x  max. 3 cm, weigth approx.. 2.7 kg 108 €

    Brachyphyllum No. B027